Meetings that Elevate the Soul

Are meetings broken in your organization?

Meetings can be murder -  ineffective,  conflicting, boring, unproductive,  useless time wasters!  Done poorly,  they can suck the life out of  your people and teams.

According to recent studies, this is true in most organizations:

  • In a Harvard Business survey of 182 senior managers from several industries, 71%  said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.
  • According to  Inc. Magazine and Fuze (an online meeting company), executives consider more than 67% of meetings end in failure.
  • A Gallop study determined that 67% of employees are not engaged in their work. 

Ineffective meetings and poor engagement represent a massive cost and  loss of potential for most organizations today.

Elevate Engagement

Work is about people.  It has always been about people. But somewhere along the way, organizations forgot. Organizations made it about the money or things or structures or rules. People, purpose and genuine connection got lost along the way. It is no wonder then, that the people organizations were meant to serve, started feeling disconnected and became disengaged. When leaders create environments that reconnect people with themselves, with each other, and with the larger community, this reconnects the organization with its own heart and soul.

At ElevateWork, we specialize in the genuine connection and engagement of people. We will partner with you to engage all your stakeholders in co-creating an organization or community where work works for everyone. We will help you create healthy relationships where everyone has the opportunity to collaborate and contribute their magnificance so that everyone can thrive. Facilitating life affirming, effective meetings are where we, at ElevateWork, thrive.

Meetings - The Breathing Of Soul

Meetings are the place where voices (ideas, imagination, information, skills and talents) can merge, align and focus to expand an organization's potential beyond what any one person could do alone. They can be a conduit for life-giving oxygen and the vital energy of aliveness in the workplace. As an individual, meeting with a deeper sense of your Self, your Soul purpose, vision and core values, will give you a greater capacity to lead and contribute to the elevation of your workplace.

Done correctly, meetings supply essential oxygen necessary to not just survive, but thrive in this world of accelerating change and disruption. Meetings can be the mechanism for the emergence of the authentic, resilient heart and soul of your organization.

Improving how you conduct meetings will:

  • Increase employee engagement, motivation and morale
  • Expand coherence, collaboration, innovation and performance of your teams
  • Increase employee satisfaction resulting in decreased turnover and attraction of new talent
  • Expand productivity and accelerate achieving your goals
  • Transform your business and build cultural capital
  • Create high impact, sustainable results, seen on your bottom line

Effective meetings create an environment for the emergence and convergence of great ideas!


Transforming meetings transforms teams

In one  firm studied by Harvard Business, when managers changed their approach to meetings, within a few months:

  • Team collaboration increased 42%
  • Psychological safety increased 32%
  • Team Performance increased 28 %


ElevateWork Meeting Services

Our meeting processes maximize collaboration, contribution and creativity by inviting the 'whole person' and the 'whole System' into the space.  We can help you to create engaging meetings in multiple ways:

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