To workplaces and communities in change, Ad brings trust. Trust that people in workplaces and communities hold the answers to find a way forward that supports them in reaching their goals, and fulfilling their purpose. Ad is passionate about facilitating processes to unlock the collective potential.

Having gained a Masters in Geography from the University of Amsterdam, Ad worked for more than 10 years on large-scale urban development projects throughout the Netherlands. While highly experienced and involved in project management, Ad’s focus was increasingly drawn towards how organizations can operate in a way that ensures both people and organizations can flourish, be successful and have a positive impact on the environment. He became increasingly involved in supporting organizational development and co-creation initiatives and social entrepreneur enterprises across cultural, social and public fields.

Ad van Roosmalen facilitating

Through his work experience Ad has a deep knowledge of complex change processes, from both the inside and outside experience. He firmly believes in creating change through working in co-creation with what needs and wants to be achieved. He is flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances without losing sight of what needs and wants to emerge in the organization. Ad has an inclusive way of working.