Johanna is gifted in her ability to hold a safe, curious and open space that invites leaders and groups into opportunities for deep transformation. Being both an engineer and an artist she has developed a talent for safely handling the vulnerability of both innovation and creativity. Johanna's unique abilities include a variety of coaching and facilitation skills and methods that will expand and sustain the currency, flow, energy and prosperity of your business. Building nurturing and prosperous collaborations is her passion.

In Johanna's care, you can be courageous and create your heart's desire - whatever is needed in the moment and for the future.


Parallel to her coaching practice, Johanna is an artist and enjoys the artist way of exploring beliefs, assumptions and culture.

Her latest creative project is a book, "Colour Your Work Life Canvas." This book will support you finding your most desired state of being, collaborations and culture, i.e. ”colours” to create a stunning worklife self portrait. It as a colourful handbook with a set of surprisingly simple tools to increase flow in your work life. The book supports you in creating more "currency," in all aspects of the word, whether you look for power, passion or prosperity. With this toolkit you are invited into a safe and vulnerable inner place from where you can expand your awareness around feelings and become agile, stronger and expand the tenacity to persue your goals.

Rage - Courage - Johanna Wallin
Risk Scale - Johanna Wallin

Johanna uses these "Colour Your WorkLife Canvas" tools both in real life meetings and through writing. Since the tools are included in the book as guided meditations, you can even use them if you are on your own; moving from feeling "OK" to unbelievable!

These emotional fitness tools are Johanna's unique contribution to our ElevateWork team. Together with the conscious use of developing shared commitments, they ensure that the facilitation of change will continue in alignment with your purpose and enable your work to be elevated to new heights.

Johanna worked in her early years as an engineer in France and after that spent most of her coaching and facilitation career collaborating and learning in international environments. She is fluent in speaking Swedish and English plus she has an good understanding of Norwegian, Danish and French.