To the world of work, Richard brings "possibility thinking" and holds a powerful presence and space for deep transformation.


The Soul Journey...

Over 30 years ago, Richard began questioning personal and societal beliefs about what life and work was "supposed to be about." Something didn't fit. These common worldviews seemed devoid of meaning and lasting fulfillment. His "inner voice" called to him for something more. Within a short time, Richard courageously walked away from his "safe" corporate career to take a powerful journey into self awareness and transformation.

In this continuing journey, Richard invites leaders and groups to think and grow beyond their pre-conditioned limitations into a vision of ever-expanding potential and possibility. He helps them get in touch with their authentic gifts and put them into action.

Working internationally, Richard loves to facilitate and coach leaders in re-inventing their lives and work from the inside-out. He is an expert in shifting limiting beliefs and fears that can hold people back from finding their authentic voice and living their passion. He supports leaders and organizations in discovering, integrating and actualizing their true potential; to create their ultimate, authentic, success and fulfillment experience.

You can work one-on-one with Richard, or attend one of his transformational workshops where you can learn how to quickly change subconscious beliefs or let go of past trauma through deep forgiveness work.

Richard has deep experience in the corporate world, spent over 15 years working in a variety of sales and account management positions for IBM and other software companies.

Since leaving the corporate world, Richard’s training and experience became deeply imbedded in the practice of facilitating and training people in these "whole person/whole system processes". His attentive, authentic style and presence naturally opens the space for his clients to embrace and take action on the deeper changes or expanded potentials that are emerging within the system. Richard's favorite group process is “Open Space Technology” and for personal transformation, he finds that there is nothing like "shadow-work" to reconnect people to their brilliance!

Richard's Personal Life

While Richard is currently relishing in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean near Moncton, New Brunswick, his home base is Calgary, Canada. Richard loves the outdoors, especially hiking, cycling and camping in the mountains.

Travel has been a constant life companion - sometimes traveling months or even years at a time to deeply experience the local cultures or environments. Although he has traveled and lived a couple of times in Europe, his favorite travels now tend to be countries like India where a soulful adventure always seems to await him with mysteries unfolding that are beyond belief!

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